Signs of Twins Pregnancy and Complications that Can Occur

Pregnant twins is a hope for some women. What are the features and signs that you have twins pregnancy? What are the risks that can arise from this pregnancy? Check out the following explanation. Pregnant twins indicates that a woman has two or more children in her womb. The children can come from the same egg (identical twins) or from different eggs (non-identical twins). Pregnant twins are more common in women in their 30s and 40s. Because at this time women will experience a cycle of ovulation that tends to be irregular, and allows the emergence of two egg follicles at the same time. Signs of Pregnant Twins Women who are pregnant with twins will need more intake of folic acid to help prevent birth defects. At the very least, you are advised to consume 1 milligram or 1000 micrograms of folic acid per day, if you are pregnant with twins. The following are some signs that you are pregnant with twins: The main sign of a twin pregnancy is a larger stomach size in early pregnancy.
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